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There is much more to Leonardia Safaris and South Africa than Big Game and Plains hunting. Ask us about the sightseeing tours we have available and experience South Africa's beauty.
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South Africa has many hunting safari operations to choose from, but at Leonardia Safaris you'll experience South Africa in a totally different way. Family owned and operated for over 27 years, we offer big game and plains game hunting packages that suit your specific needs. With well over 100 years of combined tracking experience, we can cater to the most discerning hunter and provide a hunting experience that will exceed your expectations. Feel free to contact any of us if you questions or are interested in hunting in South Africa.


Leonard: A known international clay pigeon shooter received the STATE PRESIDENTS' AWARD for the best sportsman of South Africa in 1982. Being a formidable, shot, water skier, provincial athlete and rugby player, he is the hero of the family and friends. Our best friend, loving father and most of all an adored grandfather.

Leonard’s experience as a hunter is unsurpassed.

Cell: +27 82 440 0720

Stephanus (Fanie)

Stephanus (Fanie): His father, beloved grandfathers and great grandfather took him on his first hunting trip at the age of six. Culling a thousand blesbuck a season, Fanie had the honor of killing two! The adrenalin rush made him decide he wanted to go hunting with the MEN. At the age of twelve he shot the number 3 lion of SCI in 1989. As a 14 year old the Big Five was bagged. A string off medals is the evidence of his success as a track athlete. Till today he still leaves his reserves for that last couple of yards. The families' love for horses once again transpired when Fanie decided to start breeding pure bred Arabians. With this he has tremendous success and competes on national and international levels.

Cell: +27 83 779 8034


Professional Hunter

John is from the green Kalahari and has hunted plains game from the age of 6 with his grandfather as a mentor.  He has a passion for hunting and Arabian horses where he met Fanie fifteen years ago at an Arabian horse show,  This is where the hunting and horses bonded the relationship between John and Fankie.  

Professional Hunter

Pierre: Coming from a family of medical doctors - his grandfather Stephanus, had the privilege of guiding Pierre on his first hunt. The trigger was pulled to great perfection and he was the proud owner of an Impala. Medicine was exchanged for the outdoor life of hunting. Ranches were acquired by his parents for cattle and game ranching and this enabled Pierre to life his dream. As a loving husband he is the proud father of a toddler.

Cell: +27 82 452 3707

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