Family friendly outfitter...
My wife and I have been on nearly a dozen African safaris. What one cannot see from websites and brochures is the decades of experience and extreme dedication to the clients as we saw with Leonard Buys of Leonardia Safaris. His knowledge of dangerous game and their habits and movements is not only impressive, but quite enjoyable to observe in action.

His expertise in knowing the game and desire to insure that every aspect of the safari is just right is unparalleled. His honesty was demonstrated by his insuring that his clients obtained only the best
trophies by advising not to shoot the first seen or lesser quality game. His dedication to the client was demonstrated by the shear amount of work he did both before and during the safari.

There is no question that Leonard Buys of Leonardia Safaris is a true gem among the hundreds or thousands of other African PHs. This is definitely the guy with whom you would want to book your next safari.