Oribi are graceful slender-legged, long-necked small antelope found in grassland almost throughout Sub-Saharan Africa. They grow to around 92–110 cm (36 to 43 inches) in length, with a shoulder height of 50–66 cm (20 to 26 inches) and weigh an average of 12–22 kg (26 to 49 lb). They can run at speeds of up to 40–50 km/h (25–31 mph).

The back and upper chest is yellow to orange-brown. The chin, throat, chest, belly and rump are white. The tail is short and bushy, the upper side black or dark brown, and the under surface white. The white crescent-shaped band of fur above the eye is a characteristic that helps to distinguish this species from other similar-looking antelope. Below each ear is a large round black glandular patch, the nostrils are prominently red, and on the sides of the face are vertical creases that house the pre-orbital glands. These glands produce an odorous secretion that is used to mark the oribi's territory. Only males grow horns, which are slender and upright, ridged to about halfway up, the ends being smooth and pointed, with some of length 19 cm (7.5 inches) being recorded.