Reedbuck Common
The Southern Reedbuck, or Common Reedbuck, is an antelope, found in Angola, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique and northern South Africa.
Southern Reedbucks average 85 centimetres at the shoulder, and weigh around 70 kilogrammes. They have grey-brown coats with a white underbelly and black forelegs. Males have ridged horns of around 35 centimetres, which grow backwards and then curve forwards.

Southern Reedbucks live in valley and upland areas, where they eat grasses and reeds. Old Southern Reedbuck males are territorial, living with a single female, which they follow at all times to prevent it having contact with rival males. Females and young males are usually solitary, except in the dry season, when they sometimes form herds of up to twenty individuals out of necessity. They are diurnal, but inactive during the heat of the day.